Traditional trailer houses are big. With their size, comes enormous overhead costs. What would happen if you take top tier talent from the best post-production houses and remove the unnecessary and costly layers? The answer is A Big Trailer. We are the core group of creative people that actually make movie marketing. Trailers, TV spots, sizzle and pitch reels, we do them all. Our budgets may be smaller but our trailers are always Big.



Chris Walter is a trailer editor. Why trailers? Because trailers are the most highly produced, obsessively scrutinized and talent-rich medium for editing. Among Chris’s peers are some of the finest and most sought after editors in town. This kind of competition breeds good work. Chris Walter is all about good work.

From Academy Award Winning films to movies that are just plain embarrassing, there is always a good trailer to be created. As a ticket buyer, it is infuriating to be suckered into a bad movie with a good trailer. As a producer, it is heavenly. This is the challenge Chris Walter loves.